Program Scrum Day Europe 'Evidence-Based Management' 3rd of July 2014

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8:00Opening Doors
9:00Opening and Keynote by Ken Schwaber and Gunther Verheyen
9:45Coffee break
- Session 1The Scrum Culture by Dominik Maximini and Christiaan Verwijs
- Session 2Led Zeppelin Scaling Agility by Bertrand Dour
- Session 3 Serious Play on the Path to Agility by Cesario Ramos
- Session 4An Entrepreneurs dilemma - can Agile unlock Growth? By Phil Brown
- Session 5Agile Transformation of a 20.000 Person Company – a Long Term Journey by Karel Deman
- Session 6Open Space
- Session 1Agile Transformation of a 20.000 Person Company – a Long Term Journey  by Jesse Houwing
- Session 2The Agility Path by Henk Jan Huizer and Ron Eringa
- Session 3Limits of empirics in EBM by Victor Gijsbers
- Session 4How TU Delft Nuna Solar Team won, thanks to Scrum by Jorrit Vervoordeldonk
- Session 5Product Owner Value Game by Kuzidi
- Session 6Open Space
13:00Keynote The State of Scaling Agile In The Age of The Customer by Diego lo Giudice
- Session 1Using Lean UX to build the right things by Edgar Wieringa
- Session 2Avea Agile Studio by Selcuk Alimdar
- Session 3How to validate delivered Value by Peter Koning
- Session 4The next steps after Scrum – Agility meets Operational Excellence by David Bogaerts and Paul Wolhoff
- Session 5Get your evidence: Governance and Insight by Ronald Voets
- Session 6Open Space
- Session 1Gathering data; why organizations learn from Scrum by Stephan van Rooden
- Session 2Turn the ship around by Wim Heemskerk and Dirk Mulder
- Session 3Get the End-Users involved by Arie van Bennekum
- Session 4Learnings from our Agile journey @ CRV by Ate Lindeboom and Rob van Lanen
- Session 5Agile Myth Busters by Olav Maassen and Laurens Bonnema
- Session 6Open Space
16:15Closing Keynote by Ken Schwaber
17:30End of Program